anc man arrested for having sex in exchange for jobs.

ANC Man ARRESTED FOR having sex in exchange for jobs.

Mr Tebogo Sepal the councillor of ANC at the city of Motlosana Municipality have been arrested for assaulting teenagers. The 40 year old man have been having sex with teenagers in exchange for jobs.

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People are happy to see the government taking action on one of their members .They are so glad that the ANC is standing up against gender based violence. Gender based violence is one of the most committed crimes in South Africa and the only way that we can prevent it is to stand up as South Africans and make sure that man like him stay in jail .

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This is one of the under aged girls he raped .South Africans have been furious and angry about his shameful  actions especially the ones that voted for him to be a councillor .He is supposed to be a leader in his community, what will young men learn from him .