senzo meyiwa


Senzo MEYIWA was a famous goalkeeper who used to play for Orlando Pirates.He was shot and killed on the 26 October 2014.The case of his murder has been opened ever since then.The first person that was accused was his girlfriend Kelly Khumalo .They said that she hired a hitman to kill him .It’s been 6 years now and there no solid proof that she did it .

Advocate Zandile Mshololo  is one of the lawyers that is representing one of the 5 accused in the murder. She said that Zandile Khumalo who is Kelly Khumalo’s sister has been posting about her on social media .She said that Zandile Khumalo had a hand in the murder and she also benefited from it .She requested Zandile Khumalo to come and testify and say everything that she has been saying on media straight to her face .

Zandile Khumalo went to court to testify.She broke down into tears when she was testifying .She mentioned how this whole case ruined their lives .She ended up pointing out one of the accused as the person that broke into their house the day Meyiwa was killed .Later on she was interviewed about the whole situation.She said that Senzo’s mom didn’t like the relationship between Kelly and her son to a point where she even went to get muthi to stop it .She said that maybe the hitman was meant for her sister .

She mentioned how their family was treated after the murder.”Our phones were taken ,we had to take lier detectors test”she  said.She asked why didn’t  Mandisa Meyiwa who was Senzo’s wife go through the same thing .She says that the police should investigate someone else cause they have been investigating her sister for almost 8 years and found nothing.