Azwindini mukwevho Net worth, Real name and wife : Actor Gabriel Temudzani bio

Azwindini Mukwevho is a fictional character from the South African television soap opera “Muvhango.” He is one of the main characters in the series and is portrayed by actor Gabriel Temudzani.

Azwindini is a respected and traditional Venda chief in the show, and his character has been a prominent figure in the series for many years. 

Gabriel is a 43 old man who was born and raised in Tshivhilidulu in the Nzhelele area, in Venda .He got married to Refilwe Temudzani in 2013. A few years later they got divorced after being blessed by a son .It was a difficult time for him as he went quiet on media for a while .

He started posting cute pictures with his son later on which showed that he was adjusting well to the single father situation.

The actor gets paid around R120,000 to R130,000 per month due to his influential role. He has a net worth of $8 million .

Last updated: Friday ,22 September 2023

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