Daily Lotto Results Today: Thursday ,18 May 2023

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Daily Lotto Results Today: Thursday ,18 May 2023, Draw will be Announced at 21:00 South Africa Time and are published everyday except on Christmas day. Thursday ,18 May 2023 DAILY LOTTO for today jackpot is estimated at R430,000 .

DAILY LOTTO Results :Thursday ,18 May 2023

04 09 30 31 35

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How much does a Daily Lotto ticket cost?

A single DAILY LOTTO game will cost you R3.00 VAT incl.

How to Apply DAILY LOTTO

Everyday participants may select 5 out of 36 numbers that can be entered into a draw.
A participant may enter the DAILY LOTTO in the following ways:

  1. Presenting a completed Bet Slip to a Retailer.
  2. On any one Bet Slip a Participant may make a selection from a minimum of one entry and a maximum of the number of
    entries included on the Bet Slip.
  3. Each selection is made by manually marking 5 numbers within one entry or by manually marking the Quick Pick box.
  4. The completed Bet Slip is processed through the Terminal, which will issue the Receipt recording each Selection
    marked on the Bet Slip;

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