welfare AND TRANSFORMATION official NO: S071/2020 Division: company Services (CS) Purpose: Manage, implement and maintain worker Health, welfare (EHW) and Transformation Programmes. earnings : R733 257 every year (all-inclusive remuneration package)

CENTRE : national capital necessities : A Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/ welfare works Registration with Health Professions Council of African nation (HPCSA) as Counsellor or scientist or South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) as a caseworker, A minimum four years’ expertise in worker Health, welfare and Transformation Programmes connected fields, data and skill of the management of associate degree onsite treatment room.

DUTIES : Some key Outputs include: worker Health, welfare and variety Programmes Governance: Draft/ review policies to guide the implementation of EHW, Productivity Management and variety Programmes, Implement the worker Health and welfare Strategic Framework, Develop and maintain worker Health and welfare normal operative procedures for all EHW programmes, Procure worker Health and welfare offerings and manage service suppliers Establish and coordinate Transformation, Gender and welfare Committee, give worker Health and welfare Management Reports in line with DPSA prescripts welfare, Health and Productivity Management: Conduct life skills coaching on time, conflict and stress management within the geographical point, Coordinate the promotion of physical health through sports events, Coordinate the distribution of posters and brochures on physical welfare, Facilitate and coordinate services for welfare day, negociate / Network with stakeholders and alternative organisations with relevancy worker welfare problems, and implement best practices consequently, utilize internal communication to speak and promote worker welfare activities, Promote team building through recreational activities across the nongovernmental organization, Market the worker welfare programme through poster awareness, publication of health data monthly, data sessions, commemoration of health events consistent with the Health and welfare calendar, liaison with staff / managers etc. Conduct absence analysis and compile reports Facilitate the implementation of HIV and Aids, TB and alternative Communicable Diseases bar, Support and Treatment Care Programmes: Draft/Review policies to guide the implementation of HIV/AIDS and TB Management, Conduct HIV content and Testing campaigns, Conduct HIV, AIDS, STI, and TB data sharing sessions, Monitor the distribution of male and feminine condoms, Facilitate the implementation of HIV & AIDS programmes, Observe Health calendar days and initiate awareness programmes inside the nongovernmental organization Coordinate and render worker Assistant Programme (EAP): Coordinate and render interrogation, pre-counselling, referral, and support service to staff, Analyse individual additionally as cluster wants and establish psychosocial health risks, recommendations, implementation and action decide to address risks. advocate interventions and supply support within the implementation of action plans to handle health risks known through absence report, Administer and manage EAP cases, Facilitate EAP support programmes. Market the EAP services Facilitate the implementation of Diversity Management programme: Develop or review the nongovernmental organization policy and designing in line with the national gender policy framework as made public within the gender policy framework, Develop and motor the implementation of the incapacity rights policy, special programs and implementation tips, Assess progress in implementing the variety management policy tips, Evaluates the impact of diversity management interventions inside the nongovernmental organization, Manage the secretariat for Transformation, Gender and welfare Committee, administer the children’s room.

Some key Outputs include: Management of Centralized Contracts: Manage the facilitation and administration of thwartwise Term Contracts with explicit stress on the following: Demand Management, Acquisition Management, Contract Management, provider performance management and coverage, Promote and Support Strategic Procurement: Implement the strategic procurance processes regarding the subsequent, Application and awareness of strategic sourcing, Developing quantification of economic advantages of strategic procurance, Developing valuation measures and initiate benchmarking with market and business within the analysis and dissemination of projections in support of strategic procurance, Compliance and Risk Management: Initiate the advance of control measures, condusive and incompliance with policies and procedures of thwartwise acquiring, as follows, Promote the transparency and compliance of SCM processes, through awareness, Develop and implement risk mitigation ways, Apply SCM business processes, provider performance management, Improve contract management, Promote Government Socio-Economic Objectives: Initiate the implementation and development of state policies aimed toward up and fast-tracking the socio-economic outputs through, Black Economic authorisation, Industrial policies, discriminatory procurance, Small, Medium and small Enterprises Development.

Some key Outputs include: Policy Analysis: Assist with the formulation of position papers on African nation and therefore the projected way forward for establishments like AU, etc. and their regional integration agenda, Assist with the supply of inputs into cupboard memoranda and therefore the coordination of the Inter-Ministerial Committee method, Assist with the observation and development of profiles for member countries’ economies, Assist with the event of bilateral policy positions of member countries on finance and development on specific subject areas Regional Integration: Assist with the assessments of the prices related to existing institutional arrangements of member countries and assess the advantages of participation, give inputs to policy on co-operation with regional and international trilateral establishments on the event of member countries, Assist manage cooperation between the AU Commission and Ministries of Finance of member countries neutral Engagement: Assist with change views on member countries emanating from business and alternative non-state organisations and prepare knowledge-sharing platforms, Co-ordinate task groups from member countries for capability building sessions, Assist with the coordination of dialogue between the Minister of Finance and counterparts from member countries, propagate the Commission outputs for consumption of members continent Continental Cooperation: Assist in negotiations inside and bilaterally with member countries, Coordinate and update in-house publications on comes

ENQUIRIES : Human Resources on Tel No: (012) 315 5100 APPLICATIONS : could also be sent via e-mail to [email protected]

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