DHET x 64 post Apply with matric ( Closing Date: 24 November 2023 )

dhet post

Department of Higher Education and Training is hiring South Africa job seekers in various career opportunity. This is a great opportunity for individuals with a Grade 12  or Related qualification.

Available post

  1. Tradesman Aids x3 posts
  2. Human Resource Auxiliary Service Clerk
  3. Human Resource Clerk: HRM Support
  4. Secretary to the Director: Human Resource Management Administration
  5. General Administration Clerks X5
  6. Secretary to the Director to TVET Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. Secretary to the Director: Skills and Corporate Matters
  8. Secretary to the Director CET Curriculum and Institutional Support
  9. State Accountant: Inspectorate
  10. State Accountant: Salary Payments And Deductions
  11. State Accountant: Corporate Services
  12. Chief Security Officer
  13. State Accountant: Corporate Services
  14. Chief Security Officer
  15. Personal Assistant to The Chief Director
  16. Personnel Practitioner: HRM &D Corporate Services
  17. Labour Relations Officer x2 posts
  18. Chief Administrative Clerk
  19. Executive Assistant to The Deputy Director-General
  20. Senior Administration Officer: Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
  21. Senior Administrative Officer: Administration Coordination and Communication
  22. Senior Administration Officer: Administration Support
  23. Senior Administrative Officer: Administration Support and It Procurement
  24. Principal Communication Officer
  25. Senior Administrative Officer
  26. Senior Supply Chain Practitioner (Demand and Acquisition)
  27. Liaison Officer: Office Of Regional Manager x2 posts
  28. Safety Officer: Corporate Services
  29. Senior Administrative Officer
  30. Senior Practitioner: Organisational Development
  31. Executive Assistant to The Deputy Director-General
  32. Assistant Director: BAS System and Financial Reporting
  33. Chief Financial Officer (Deputy Director-General Level)
  34. Director: Executive Support and Administration Services
  35. Director: CET Curriculum and Institutional Support x4 posts
  36. Director: TVET Curriculum and Institutional Support
  37. Director: University Research Support and Policy Development
  38. Director: World Skills South Africa
  39. Principal x2 posts
  40. Deputy Principal: Finance x2 posts
  41. Deputy Principal: Finance (Deputy Director Level)
  42. Deputy Principal: Academic Services (Deputy Director Level)
  43. Deputy Director: CET Curriculum and Institutional Support x2 posts
  44. Deputy Principal: Academic Services x2 posts
  45. Deputy Principal: Registration Services
  46. Deputy Principal: Innovation And Development
  47. Deputy Director: Curriculum Support and Improvement
  48. Deputy Director: University Academic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  49. Deputy Director: Human Rights, Citizenship and Values
  50. Deputy Director: Employer Data Analysis
  51. Deputy Director: Labour Market Intelligence
  52. Deputy Director/Branch Coordinator: Office of Deputy Director-General
  53. Deputy Director: Corporate Services
  54. Deputy Director/Branch Coordinator: Office of Deputy Director-General
  55. Senior Legal Administration Officer
  56. Assistant Director: Monitoring And Evaluation
  57. Assistant Director: Institutional Support Monitoring
  58. Chief Artisan Grade B: Mechanical Engineering
  59. Assistant Director: Labour Relations
  60. Assistant Director: Financial Accounting x7 posts
  61. Assistant Director: Management Accounting
  62. Assistant Director: Supply Chain and Asset Management x6 posts
  63. Assistant Director: Policy and Evaluation
  64. Assistant Director: Research

Application process ( how to apply for Department of Higher Education and Training Jobs )

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Last updated : 09 November 2023

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