Dineo Ranaka cries out for help , Ricky rick ,Mac G

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Dineo Ranaka’s recent post on instagram left  her family,friends and fans worried .She posted about how she is trying her best not to commit suicide .Dineo Ranaka has always been open to the public about her mental illness which is depression.On Mac G’s podcast she described depression as the lack and loss of vitality.She added by saying that vitality is the enthusiasm for living .

She mentioned that she in not okay and she has not been okay ever since Ricky Rick’s (Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado) passing .After what happened to Ricky Rick she questioned herself if she has heal from certain things or not.Depression is not the opposite of happiness and if you are depressed it doesn’t mean that you are sad she added.

A lot of celebrities like Somozi,Boity and Makhadzi just to mention a few comment on the post.They were encouraging her to keep on fighting and when she makes decisions she should think about her kids.Mental health have been a big problem in South Africa .We have lost a lot of celebrities by killing themselves because the world think if you have money you have everything.People like Ricky Rick and HP committed suicide when they had money.As they say money doesn’t buy happiness.We have to start raising awareness of mental health before we loose a lot of people by being ignorant.

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