DIRECTOR: CENTRAL provider info referee NO: S099/2020 Division: workplace of the Chief procural Officer (OCPO) Purpose: to style, develop, and implement a central provider info for national, provincial and native sphere of state conducive towards economical and effective procural practises. regular payment : R1 057 326 once a year (all-inclusive remuneration package) CENTRE : national capital needs : A Degree in info Technology/ info Systems/ Procurement/ Strategic Sourcing or connected fields, Registration with a relevant offer chain and/or info Technology skilled body are going to be an extra advantage, fortunate completion of the Nyukela Public Service Senior Management Leadership Programme as supported by the National faculty of state on the market as a web course on before mop up of appointment, A minimum of five years’ expertise at a middle management level (Deputy Director) within the implementation and management of largescale public and/or non-public sector procural ICT solutions, expertise in business method engineering and business transformation, expertise in with success reworking and modernising procural ICT among an oversized public entity, multi-national corporation and/or national section, intensive expertise within the development of enterprise-wide procural ICT design. DUTIES : Some key outputs include: Central provider info for government: Initiate and administer analysis concerning international and national central provider info standards and practices, style central provider info for all spheres of state, Develop central provider info for all spheres of state, Maintain central provider info and incessantly enhance quality and completeness thence Establish capability for the central provider database: style and develop coaching programmes for system users, suppliers and different relevant stakeholders, give support to users in operative the central provider info knowledge, of state, give coaching and capability building to users of the central provider info of state, observation and report on proficiency of users and take suggested action wherever needed, Develop capability of provincial treasuries to optimise the central provider info Compliance of service providers: style and develop a system of assurance in respect of compliance needs of state, give info and supporting validations to users, Auditor–General and different stakeholders in respect of provider compliance, twenty eight act with suppliers on compliance needs in accordance with restrictive needs of state through applicable interfaces, make sure that knowledge quality and integrity is maintained and incessantly improved provider Development Programme for government: style and develop and implement a provider development approach for all spheres of state, determine and grade specific classes of commodities that provider development programmes have to be compelled to be unrolled, Contribute towards the provider performance mechanisms in the least spheres of state IFMS development and implementation: Contribute to fortunate development of world category SCM IFMS modules, Contribute to implementation of SCM IFMS module at national and provincial departments and municipalities, Contribute to optimising come on investment of SCM IFMS investment.

Analyse Sectors of Environmental Economics: Analyse developments within the inexperienced economy and connected sectors and determine implications for presidency policies and priorities, e.g. growth, employment and investment, give analysis of the socio-economic impact of departments’ policy proposals, administer the creation of databases of micro-economic and macro-economic indicators, Draft speaking and informing notes for senior govt stakeholders among the National Treasury, give inputs into the event of National Treasury’s positions on inexperienced economy, touching on sectors and policy matters give Policy recommendation to Stakeholders: Advise on environmental policy problems through the assembly of informing notes, memos and speeches, Develop National Treasury policy positions in conjunction with different stakeholders, Manage and and/or represent the National Treasury on inter-governmental and different external forums and committees that upset environmental social science and connected social science matters analysis and Benchmarking: Initiate analysis into policy-relevant developments touching on inexperienced and environmental economy matters, Initiate benchmarking against best practices with internationally recognised establishments, analysis and circulate relevant policy matters to key stakeholders on key government priorities, e.g. growth, employment and investment among in relevant sectors and also the inexperienced economy, Implement associate degree environmental economic analysis agenda Budget & MTBPS: Co-ordinate budget and MTBPS assumptions method for integration, Manage inputs of the Budget Review and MTBPS touching on sectoral and inexperienced economy analysis. Manage the method of Q&A for Budget & MTBPS on inexperienced economy problems, Participate in capitalist conferences and roadshows.

ENQUIRIES : Human Resources on Tel No: (012) 315 5100 APPLICATIONS : could also be sent via e-mail to [email protected]

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