Do this to get Sassa R480 Child Support Grant R240 top up : to R720 csg grant

sassa grant

Do this to get Sassa R480 Child Support Grant R240 top up : to R720 csg grant. South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is providing hope to more than 18 million people, who receive various types of grants. Social grant help improve the health, education, work participation and livelihoods of beneficiaries.

Required documents for Child Support Grant (CSG) applications:

  • Certified copy of ID of applicant and Certified Copy of ID/birth certificate of the child.
  • Certified Copy of Proof of Spousal Relationship/ Marital status (i.e. Marriage Certificate/ Decree of Divorce/ Death Certificate)
  • Certified Copy of Identity document of the spouse – if married;
  • Proof of Income—if means is declared.
  • If no income is declared, an affidavit to that effect is required.
  • Proof that the applicant is the primary care giver of the child
  • roof of school attendance (encourage children to attend school), if not attached application will still be processed.
  • Confirmation of Banking Details i.e. Certified Copy of Bank Statement
child sup
child sup

Qualifying criteria for Child Support Grant:

• The applicant must be a South African citizens, permanent resident or refugee residing (staying) in South Africa

• Applicant must be the primary care giver of the child concerned

Child must be below the age of (18) years

• The child must not be maintained or looked after in any state funded institution

• Applicant (and the spouse) must comply with the means test

• Care giver cannot apply for more than six non-biological children


How to apply for child support grant

go any sassa offices or apply online here:

posted dates: 27 November 2022
Article published by : Youthspace

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