Eskom Load shedding goes Bad ( See today Loadshedding schedule )

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Eskom Load shedding goes Bad ( See today Loadshedding schedule )

Eskom spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha said: “This is necessary to ensure sufficient generation capacity is available tonight to replenish the dam levels at the pumped storage power stations so that this capacity can be available during the day tomorrow.

“The breakdown of six generating units during the day has necessitated the escalation in the stage of load shedding. Eskom will publish a further update should any significant changes occur.”

Here’s how to check Eskom and municipality Load shedding

To Check load shedding updates for today visit :

  1. The load shedding timetable starts when there is a formal announcement from Eskom
  2. To check what the position is of load shedding at any time, go to
  3. This is a monthly time table for load shedding.
  4. Load shedding will begin with the declaration from Eskom. If you are scheduled from 16:00 to 18:30, but loadshedding is declared at 17h00, you will only be load shed from 17h00 to 18h30.
  5. If you are scheduled on a lower stage and a higher stage is declared, then your current time slot will be included in the higher stage 

Posted dates:21 December 2022.
Article published by youthspace.

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