here’s how much petrol will cost Goodnews to South Africa


Good news to all the automobile owners The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has announced a new statement that state the decrease of fuel cost.

According to a media statement released on Monday afternoon, both grades of petrol will decrease by 2.04 per litre while 500ppm and 50ppm diesel will fall by 56 cents and 46 cents, respectively.

After the price cuts come into effect on Wednesday, September 7, a litre of 95 unleaded petrol will cost you R22.73 per litre at the coast and R23.38 per litre inland, where the cheaper 93 unleaded petrol will now cost R22.95 per litre.

  • 93 unleaded petrol — R2.04 decrease
  • 95 unleaded petrol — R2.04 decrease
  • 500ppm diesel — 56.36 cents decrease
  • 50ppm diesel — 46.34 cents decrease
  • Illuminating paraffin — R1.09 decrease

Posted dates: 05 August 2022

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