Here’s Why you haven’t receive SASSA R350 payments For August ,July and June 2023

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If you have applied for Sassa R350 Grant or used to be benefiting from srd and now you haven’t receive your payments ,Here’s Why you haven’t receive SASSA R350 payments For August ,July and June 2023 .

In a country with high unemployment rates you may expert to see million of Jobless South African who fully depend on this R350 it many be small but to Some people its a lot.

Due to the South African Social Security Agency verifications rules so many unemployed Citizen are not Qualifying to receive their R350 Social relief Grant. Some people only received it 3 to 4 months then it Stops.

The South African Social Security Agency many Stop your Grant due to so many Reason: Some of the reason include receiving payments in your bank account exciding the mean test income limits which was increased to R624 .The increase made so many applicants who where not Qualifying to Qualified.

But Still today So many people are Still Affected if Someone in your Family house hold sends you money to buy food or Something also long as the amount is above R624 you will no longer Qualify.

Some the reason is Ulf if you are registered as a Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) you applications will be rejected.

How to Track Srd Grant

how to track may 2023 r350 sassa grant
how to track r350 sassa grant

Clients can track Srd The Social Relief of Distress Grant via Site. Read more

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Last updated : Tuesday, 22 August 2023 at 20:46 South African time

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