How Dr Nandipha Magudumana’s met the most wanted criminal in South Africa Thabo Bester time line

nandipha magudumana and thabo beste

How Dr Nandipha Magudumana’s met and fell in love with the most wanted criminal in South Africa Thabo Bester.

  • 2006: She met Thabo Bester while she was studying at Wits University. It is alleged that Bester was running a modelling and promotions agency, and Nandipha was one of the agency’s promo girls.
  • 2014-2015: Dr Nandipha worked in Edenvale Hospital
  • 2016-2017: She worked at the Far East Rand Hospital. She opened Optimum Medical Solutions. She began reaching out to Bester who was in prison and began visiting him.
  • 2018: She earned a spot in the Mail and Guardian’s Youth South African list.
  • 2020: In an affidavit Dr Nandipha stated that she got engaged to Bester.
  • 2021: In May the Health Professions Council of South Africa suspended Dr Nandipha from practicing as a doctor. Bester and Dr Nandipha allegedly founded a property renovation company Arum Properties.
  • 2022: On 3 May Bester was declared dead at the Mangaung Correctional facility. On 6 May the body alleged to be that of Thabo Bester was collected from the state morgue by Dr Nandipha, who claimed to be his customary wife. She took the body to a mortuary in Soweto, from where it was confiscated. On 19 May she approached the Gauteng High Court requesting the body be returned to her. In June Dr Nandipha was seen with Thabo Bester at Woolworths in Sandton City and photos of them were taken. In August Arum Properties hosted a Women in Property brunch in the Hyde Park Dr Nandipha was renting
  • 2023: On 16 March Groundup reported that Bester was seen shopping in Sandton in June 2022 together with Dr Nandipha’s daughter and a person who had their back to the camera who appeared to be Dr Nandipha. On 21 March it was reported that Dr Nandipha and Thabo Bester had fled the Hyde Park mansion. She announced via an Instagram post that she would be opening her practice on 29 March. On 29 March Dr Nandipha’s father confirmed to ENCA that she was in fact, in hiding.

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thabo first seen

According to Keabetswe Khutsoane – a woman who claimed to be a victim of Thabo Bester during his reign of terror from more than a decade ago – first made the reported link between the criminal and Dr Nandi.

Khutsone claims that various women have sent her messages and pictures of the “Facebook rapist” allegedly out in public, despite reports that he died in prison in May 2022. In photos that have gone viral on social media, a man closely resembling the rapist was seen in a Woolworths store in Sandton, allegedly two months after his death.

nandipha magudumana and thabo beste shopping
nandipha magudumana and thabo beste shopping

DCS spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo said on Friday: “On May 3, 2022, DCS issued a brief alert confirming an incident of death in custody, at Mangaung Correctional Centre (MCC) which is one of our public-private partnership (PPP) facilities, following reports of a fire in a single cell allocated to the said inmate.

“We further disclosed that his body was discovered by officials employed at MCC at about 03h35.

“A burnt body meant that this case could not be classified as a natural death; hence, an investigation needed to be undertaken in order to determine the cause of death.

Posted dates: 10 April 2023 ,
Article published by youthspace .

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