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How thabo bester afford to pay R175,000 pm mansion Rental





How thabo bester afford to pay R175,000 pm mansion .Thabo Bester is the most wanted criminal in South Africa as of April 2023, after successfully escaping prison and faking his death in 2022.

Company he owned in prison

G4S said it had since become aware of the allegations that Bester ran a business from prison, however, they had no evidence that he ran a business from his cell despite conceding that he had a cellphone and laptop in his cell.

When one MP pointed out that there was evidence on social media, including a video that Bester used his laptop to commit more crime, Groenewoud said he had not seen that video.

Bester ran a media production company from prison, using the alias Tom Motsepe. In a launch event of his business, which was attended by celebrities, he booked out the Hilton Hotel and had guests singing happy birthday to him while he joined by video link from “New York”.


G4S admitted that they had not taken any steps to substantiate the allegations that Bester ran a business from the privately operated prison .

Scam companies he owned with doctor Nandipha Magudumana

Thabo Bester, who escaped from prison on 3 May 2022, has been running a scam construction company called Arum Properties with celebrity doctor Nandipha Magudumana.

The couple convinced several people to pay millions of rand for construction projects, but never delivered the goods.

In August 2022, Arum Properties hosted a “Women in Property” brunch at Magudumana’s rented mansion in Hyde Park. The event was attended by several Johannesburg businesswomen.


“In celebration of women’s month, Arum Properties would like to treat you, a pioneer in the property industry to an exquisite brunch and all things property,” the invitation reads.

How much is Thabo luxury home

he has been living it in a R12m luxury home in Hyde Park in Johannesburg’s

Other properties

The couple rented properties from 2020 in the upmarket suburbs of Hyde Park, Sandown, and Morningside, according to 4Tune Property Smiths staff.

  • Bester and Magudumana reportedly used five houses over the past nine months;
  • Caused R600,000 worth of damage to a second house on 2nd Road.
  • The pair also had two rented 2nd Road properties, which they wanted to sell in secret earlier this year.
  • The couple also made R1.8m worth of unauthorised alterations to the mansion they lived in.
  • They also drove two new Porsches, wore the latest fashions, were often in arrears as their rent was R175,000 a month for all the properties.

Posted dates: 13 April 2023 ,
Article published by youthspace .

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