How to apply for sassa Grant R350 With Govchat: the fastest way to apply for srd online.

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Applications for sassa are still opened even today if you haven’t apply for sassa grant R350 online here’s the best way you can apply for srd online application.

Sassa says “We want to inform the people that the application is open until the end of August. So people don’t necessarily have to panic; all of them want to make an application at once.”

Ever since srd application where opened the official website had being slowing down, most of the users where seeing blank screen

How to apply for Sassa R350 grant application online 2021 With Govchat

you can also apply here or USSD line: Dial *134*7737#

Can i apply for sassa grant with moya app

No you are not allowed to apply with moya app you can only use the following channels

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