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internship employment opportunity at Department Of Community Safety And Transport Management  South Africa




department of community safety and transport management

internship employment opportunity at Department Of Community Safety And Transport Management  South Africa .

What you will need :

  • Applicants should be South African Citizen, aged between 18 and 35.
  • Applicants who have already participated in any government internship programme will not be considered and if it is found that this was the case after appointment, the contract will be terminated with immediate effect.
  • Applicant should have completed their studies.
  • Applicant who have not yet received their qualifications must provide proof of academic transcripts or letter confirming that they have completed their studies and will be graduating.

Application deadline : 14 July 2023

How to apply for Department Of Community Safety And Transport Management internship

Compliance Note: Applications must be submitted on the improved Z83, approved to be utilized with effect 01 January 2021,
which must be fully completed and compulsory to be signed and dated. Should the applicant/s use incorrect application form for
employment (Z83), the application/s will not be considered for selection purposes (disqualified). The Z83 must be accompanied
by detailed Curriculum Vitae with at least three (3) names of referees with current contact details. Subjects of relevant
qualification/s should be mentioned in the CV. Applicants are requested to complete the Z83 form properly and in full. Sections
A, B, C and D are compulsory, and Sections E, F and G do not need to be completed if a detailed CV covering the Sections
mentioned is attached, however question related to conditions that prevent re-appointment under Part F is compulsory.

Click here to view and apply

Last updated : 11 July 2023 | opportunity located in South Africa North West .

Dee Neo

Dee Neo, is a South African dynamic and creative individual who have a passion for content creation, love for reading, and Netflix. Her journey into content creation began as a hobby but quickly evolved into a full time Job at Youthspace.

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