LIBRARIAN (X2 POSTS) remuneration : R257 508 once a year and. The palmy candidate are going to be needed to sign a performance agreement. CENTRE : court, Western Cape Division (Cape Town) official No: 2021/21/OCJ Mpumalanga court Division official No: 2021/22/OCJ necessities : A three-year National Diploma/Degree in Library Science/ informatics or equivalent qualification. Minimum of 2 (2) years’ expertise in Library and knowledge systems. data of Library and knowledge Science matters. data of library prescripts, legislation, procedures, processes and library services. expertise in legal library are going to be a new advantage. Skills and Competencies: sensible written and speech communication skills. Planning, organising and management. laptop accomplishment (Microsoft Office). Analytical thinking. downside determination and higher cognitive process skills. client service. social skills. info technology. Ability to figure stressed. Language proficiency. Conflict management and superior skills. DUTIES : Render an {efficient|a good} and efficient library and knowledge service to the users of the library and chambers. Manage the library and knowledge systems. Assist with book choice for the library and chambers. Classify and catalogue the Western Cape court library material. Render reference and knowledge services for the Western Cape court Library. Monitor the library budget and provides inputs to the library budget. Market and promote library services. Perform administration and superior services. Perform the other court connected work needed to boost the potency of the Western Cape court.

Some key Outputs include: Finance Government’s Gross Borrowing Requirement: Develop and implement a domestic and foreign borrowing strategy for state, issuing of presidency securities within the domestic and foreign debt markets to twenty five assist with the funding of government’s gross necessities, Initiate a funding structure in support of government’s gross borrowing necessities through the supply of securities Domestic and Foreign Debt Management: Initiate debt management methods to scale back the refinancing risk of debt portfolio, Implement methods to lowering government’s debt services prices through the prudent issuing of presidency securities, Develop debt obligations plans in compliance with revealing necessities, Develop policies in line with the Domestic associate degreed Foreign Debt Market necessities for an economical and effective implementation of debt policies Develop Domestic Debt Market: Develop diversification of the funding instruments for best outcomes among the market, Develop and implement methods the desire improve the effective functioning of the debt capital market, Manage the first business organization system, Enhance liquidity of presidency securities Improve capitalist Relations and Broadening Base: Broaden the capitalist base in government securities, intercede with domestic and foreign investors to boost cooperation Manage Government Debt, Initiate strict payment schedules within the settlement of presidency debt obligations, Develop a required re-payment framework and measures to boost liquidity among Government that stimulate the economy of the country.

Some key Outputs include: create mentally and Conduct analysis on economics Policy: establish areas of analysis on problems relating economics policy, Initiate analysis on sector policy, investment, productivity, trade and industrial policy and alternative areas relevant to economics policy Analyse Domestic and International Economic Trends: Analyse the newest domestic and international trends associated with economics policy formulation, interact foreign and domestic investors, ratings agencies and international organisations on the economics reform agenda for South Africa offer Qualitative Comments and Assessments of Research: offer comments on UN agency Article IV reports and policy papers, reports by ratings agencies, OECD economic assessments and alternative relevant tutorial analysis papers, interact with processes with reference to the implementation of the economics reform agenda, Facilitate the formation of inputs into conferences between the Minister of Finance and alternative key stakeholders on economics matters. Stakeholders interactment and Coordination: Engage stakeholders and contribute to economics policy of the Budget Review and MTBPS of the budget method, Coordinate inputs from stakeholders and answer speeches, making known notes and parliamentary queries on micro-economic matters, offer support to stakeholders and alternative government agencies among the economic cluster and therefore the Presidency, Participate in domestic roadshows in support of the quality and Liability Management Division

ENQUIRIES : Ms M Baker/ Ms L Adams Tel No: (021) 469 4000- Western Cape Mr M Jele/ Mr V Maeko Tel No: (013) 758 0000- Mpumalanga

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