Mzansi tiktok goes Justice For Mpumi

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mzansi tic tok goes justice for mpumi

Nompumelelo Ngubeni was young lady who was born on 07 February 1999. She was a student at the
University of Johannesburg staying at South Point student accommodation. She was brutally raped
and killed inside the student accommodation . Which you can ask yourself how come because the
place is supposed to be safe. The place should have securities guarding the it 24/7 .

mzansi tic tok goes justice for mpumi

Students that stay at the accommodation have been protesting saying that they want justice for her JusticeForMpumi .They don’t feel safe living at the accommodation anymore after what happened to Mpumi.

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@nomaphelosongelwa04 with hope that the justice system does not fail us @staysouthpoint #justiceformpumi #saynotorape ♬ original sound – Oratile Gaobodiwe

The South Point student accommodation replied to this matter after someone tweeted and
mentioned them . They said that they are currently attending the matter and their DM’s are open for
questions .

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You can click on the links below to see more videos about the story and for any other updates.


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