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Pearl Thusi is one of the most famous South African actor,radio host and model .She became more famous when she started working on SABC1 as a presenter on a show called iCrew in 2006.In 2009 Pearl Thusi was given a role to act as Patricia Kopong on Ladies Detective Agency alongside American singer and actress Jill Scoot.She was also a co-presenter on Live Amp a music programme that plays on SABC1.

Not so long ago Pearl was being dragged by media for not posting her adopted daughter.In 2019 Pearl adopted a little girl called Okuhlekonke .When we thought that was over Pearl post pictures of her wearing an outfit that was revealing her boobs .

Those pictures left fans going crazy some didn’t see anything wrong with them but then some commented that they are disappointed.Emtee went on and reposted one of the pictures with the caption saying “no caps in my rap ,the hood would be so proud if I hit that “this left fans going wild.He even live on instagram and confessed his crush on Pearl Thusi.Is this a start of a relationship?

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