sassa clients here’s how to get srd R350 from pending to approve with payments

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sassa clients here’s how to get srd from pending to approve with payments . The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Has recently announced the reason behind the delay of the  Social Relief of Distress R350 Grant.

The South African Social Security Agency says “Applicants of the COVID-19 SRD are urged not to change their bank details frequently because every change requires that the new account be verified. Once your bank details are loaded or updated, please wait for a response from your bank before changing your details”

SASSA clients are also requested to please provide correct contact details when applying for a social grant.

Sassa also says “We have received 12.5 million applications out of which just under 7.5 million were approved. We have almost
cleared our backlogs, and there are few areas where we still need to reassess clients due to the practice note and new regulations issued in August”.

The R350 SRD grant is the lessons we have learned of improving systems. People never went to offices to apply for this particular grant, all is done online which is very good

Here’s why your sassa is declined

Decline Reasons Meaning 
age_outside_rangeThe applicant does not qualify for the SRD grant because of their age.
alternative_income_source_identifiedThe applicant has an income of more than R624 per month.
existing_sassa_grantThe applicant is already a beneficiary of a SASSA grant. 
gov_payroll_registerdThe applicant is employed by a government department.
nsfas_registerdThe applicant received funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).
referred_linked_risk_mobileA fraudulent application was received from the mobile number you applied with. 
referred_safpsThe applicant is registered as a perpetrator of fraud by the South African Fraud Prevention Services. 

How do i fix my srd Grant R350

If your application was declined for any period from April 2022, you may submit an appeal Here:

How do I check my statues and payments dates

Click here to check online:

Posted dates:16 October 2022

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