sassa payment dates 2022


here are the latest Sassa Grants August Payment Dates . you may now check them below

Payment dates for August 2022 are as follows:

  1. Wednesday 3 August 2022: Older Persons Grant 
  2. Thursday 4 August 2022: Disability Grant  
  3. friday 5 August 2022: Children’s Grant      

How Much is the SASSA Grant?

how much they get:

Children GrantsR480
Older Persons < 75yrsR1,980
Older Persons > 75yrsR2,000
Disability GrantsR1,980

Earlier this month, Sassa confirmed that the Child Support Grant (CSG), which is a social grant for low-income families would be increased. Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a “child” in this circumstance. 

The Sassa card is also a debit card. A client can use the card to purchase goods and withdraw cash. All clients are advised that they can use their Sassa card at ATMs or supermarkets like Boxer, Pick n Pay, U-save, Shoprite, Checkers, and various other retail outlets. 

Sassa has also advised grant recipients who rely on making use of paypoints to create a PIN when collecting their grant payments. This, according to Sassa will enable them to use their Sassa card when making grant payment withdrawals at the above-mentioned retail outlets.

In addition to this, grant recipients can access their funds on any day during and after the payment without visiting specified paypoints. Beneficiaries are also reminded they can always access their funds and thus do not need their funds all at onc

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