Sassa R480 Child-Grant top up with R240 to (R720 child Support Grant ) Here’s how to apply csg

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Sassa R480 Child-Grant top up with R240 to (R720 child Support Grant ) Here’s how to apply. The CSG Top-Up is not a new grant, but an additional amount to the basic Child Support Grant. The same eligibility criteria that apply to the CSG will therefore also apply to the CSG Top-Up, scroll down to see how you can apply.

Sassa Minister Zulu said, “the CSG currently reaches over 13 million children living in poverty. It is government’s most successful social protection programme in terms of coverage and positive impact for children. The Department just completed a review of child poverty and the Child Support which has revealed that as the CSG was expanded to reach more children over the years of 2003 to 2013, the child food poverty decreased by 20 percentage points from 53% to 33% over the same period.  This recent review and numerous previous empirical studies have proven that increased government investments in children’s grants have resulted in improved outcomes for children in the areas of poverty, health, nutrition, and education.

The ‘Top-Up’ is an additional amount of R240 that is added to the standard CSG amount of R480. This means that a relative caring for an orphaned child; specifically, a grandparent, brother, sister, uncle, aunt or cousin of the child, can now receive a higher valued Child Support Grant per month of R720, instead of the standard Child Support Grant (CSG) amount of R480.

Here’s how you can apply Sassa R480 Child Support Grant top up With 240 increase bring it to R720

Click here to apply online: or visit your local sassa offices

Posted dates: 11 January 2023,
Article published by youthspace .

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