Srd R350 September payments Approved ” check sassa statues “

Sassa Grant

We are now in September and its another exciting months for the South African Social Security Agency clients , payments Dates for this months have been announced.

The South African Social Security Agency  provides assistance to millions of individuals in need. Sassa makes grants in accordance with the Social Assistance Act and is in charge of overseeing the execution of various social assistance programmes under the terms of the legislation. This
covers the disbursement of a number of long-term grants.

Sassa Payments for September

Approved Clients should expert to receive payments around 22 – 29 September 2023

How to check statues

check here :

How To Apply for September SRD Grant Application Online

many jobless South African are still depending on The social relief of distress  Grant R350 in this post i will be expalining everything you need to know about applying for SRD R350, which was first introduced in 2019 During covid.

  1. Visit SASSA’s SRD grant website to submit for the Social Relief of Distress grant application
  2. Click on the ‘click here to apply on online’ button
  3. Enter your mobile phone number and click ‘send SMS’
  4. A One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to the mobile phone number you provided
  5. Enter the OTP
  6. Confirm and accept the Clauses in the Declaration and Consent documents
  7. Enter your personal details
  8. Provide your cell phone number, employment information and lifestyle sustainability information
  9. Provide your banking details
  10. Submit any supporting documents
  11. Follow the prompts to complete your social relief of distress grant application process

Last updated :Thursday ,07 September 2023 at 19:51 South African time

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