SRD SASSA payments under New Rule For 2023

sassa r350 grant

The SRD SASSA R350 Grant Continue to be the main compensation to many South African who suffered from High unemployed. The Social Relief of Distress grants was first introduced during COVID-19  by president cyril ramaphosa as a way of help unemployed South African During difficult times.

SRD SASSA payments under New Rule For 2023

Million of South African applied for Social Relief of Distress as a result of avoiding system abuse and fraudulent malicious activities beneficiary where now requested to perform a biometric identity verification.

South African Social Security said they ” will use facial recognition to verify the identity of Social Relief of Distress grant beneficiaries. Beneficiaries may need to have a working camera on their mobile phone to complete the facial recognition process. 

The biometric identity verification applies to all applicants who received a referred SRD status as well as beneficiaries who want to update their mobile numbers will also need to undergo the biometric verification process”

Last updated : Monday,14 August 2023

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