THE STRONGEST EARTHQUAKE HiT South Africa today |earthquake today news live 2023

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THE STRONGEST EARTHQUAKE HiT South Africa today |earthquake today news live 2023.

Last night Johannesburg was hit by the strongest earthquake .The last time South Africa was hit by such an earthquake was back then in 2017 .The magnitude of the earthquake was 5.0.The earthquake hit Johannesburg at 02:38am early Sunday morning.It was estimated to occur again at 04:30 but then it didn’t.

People who experienced the earthquake are people who live  at Boksburg in Johannesburg and every other area near it .Places like Ekurhuleni were badly affected  by the earthquake as it was found that house’s walls cracked ,ceilings collapsed and windows broke.No injuries have been reported so far but the the Emergency services in Johannesburg are going around checking if every building is fine.The buildings that were affected are being closed for safety reasons.Since the earthquake  started at Germiston in Boksburg there might be a correlation between there mining activities and it occurring.

The spokesman person for the CGS said that given its shallow depth, it might be mining-related seismicity or due to fluctuations in groundwater levels.It has not yet been proved but  then we will wait for the CGS to update the people.

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