uk49s lunchtime results: Sunday, 06 August 2023

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Get the uk49s lunchtime results for today as soon as they are drawn. The wait is finally over, check Sunday, 06 August 2023 uk49s Lunchtime Results wining numbers in South Africa. Go get your tickets and Discover if you are one of the lucky winners for today draw

Our results are published with accuracy and We are devoted to ensuring that you always stay up to date with the latest UK49s results daily. The results are Drawn at 12:49 PM (UK Time) and 1:49 PM (South Africa Time).

today’s wining uk49s lunchtime results: Sunday, 06 August 2023

The winning lunchtime numbers will be displayed below after the draw at 1:54 pm (SA time) and 1:55 pm ( uk time ). You might need to refresh the page to see the updated results.

Sunday,06 August 2023

UK49’s Lunchtime Frequently asked questions (FAQs )

UK49s is a drawbased lottery in which you must select one to five numbers from a pool of 49 and match them with the numbers drawn at random. The more numbers you match, the more money you earn, and the amount of your prize is also affected by how much you wager. In each draw, six conventional numbers are drawn, followed by a Booster Ball. You can enter a six-number draw (without the Booster Ball) or a seven-number draw (with the Booster Ball). Because of the extra number, the seven-number draw is easier to win, with higher odds and lesser prizes than the six-number draw.
You should not be concerned that the afternoon draw will differ in any way from  the evening draw because the two UK 49 draws use the exact same procedures.Keep in mind that the 49 balls used in this game are all selected from the same set.This indicates that after the first six balls are drawn, the bonus ball is selected from the set of remaining balls.Whichever number or numbers you select must be drawn for you to win. In order for you to win, your chosen number must be drawn. If you choose three numbers, all three must be chosen for your wager to be successful.
There are no specified prizes in either of the UK49s draws; instead, a 'pure odds' system is implemented, which pays out based on the bookmaker's odds.
The South Africa results are published everyday at 13:49 pm SA Time

Last updated : 06 August 2023

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