USA cuts aid for Niger “After removed of corrupt puppet president “

general abdourahamane tiani

USA cuts aid for Niger “After removed of corrupt puppet president ” .The democratic elected president Mohamed Bazoum was removed from power by the military coup led by General Abdourahamane Tiani on the 26 July 2023 due to being a failed president .

The people of Niger are supporting the military Decision this can be seen by posters expressing support for the putschists and rallied on the streets of Niamey to signal their support for de facto president Abdourahmane Tchiani.

Blinken said. “We remain committed to supporting the people of Niger to help them preserve their hard-earned democracy and we reiterate our call for the immediate restoration of Niger’s democratically-elected government,”  The military in respond to the united state of America ” the USA can use its aid to help the homeless in America “

Here’s a tweet by Jackson Hinkle Retweeted by Julius Sello Malema

More on France

  • The people want France to leave their country alone since they have been exploiting of uranium for too longer
  • France’s Foreign Ministry also announced on Saturday the suspension of all development and budget support to the West African country with immediate effect. Paris demanded a prompt return to constitutional order, and the reinstatement of Bazoum.

Last updated : 10 August 2023 \ Published by youth student centre

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